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Regional work part 3: Gippsland

First things first, if you missed it on Facebook, do take a look at this little video I put together as my time on Bruny Island was coming to an end. Video production is not a natural talent of mine but this film does have piglets, ducklings, goats and, more importantly, my face. Enjoy.

My accommodation: basically a garage

But what of my new farm? Well, I’m now in Gippsland, about a two and half hour drive from Melbourne. I’ve traded pigs for sheep and have swapped damp caravan with no power for cold garage with no power.

The farm is incredibly picturesque with rolling fields for the sheep to frolic on and mountains off in the distance. Unfortunately my ability to appreciate it has been somewhat dampened because I am super tired from being woken up every night by various loud and annoying noises. When the rain stops hammering on the tin roof, the dogs that protect the sheep start barking at something they’ve seen. When the dogs stop, the rooster starts up. Dude, it’s 3am, pipe down.

Selfie of the human lizard on the new farm

The exciting part, however, is that the end is sight and I have just nine more days of regional work to plough through before I can go home and get back to real life.*

* The other exciting part is that the first job for tomorrow is to feed the eagles. That’s just not something you often get asked to do when you work in an office.