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Board game review: In The Money

At Board Game Club we don’t just play the well known classics like Scrabble and Monopoly. Oh no, we also play the slightly random, niche (and occasionally crap) games that I find at local charity shops. A recent meeting saw us finally attempting In The Money, a game that I bought about a year ago but kept ignoring because it looked complicated. It was complicated.

In The Money mid-game and clearly not set up just for this photo.

It’s never a great start when you can’t work out what the aim of a game is. We got there eventually and I shall attempt to summarise. To begin with, everyone draws a team leader card out of accountant, banker, lawyer, PR executive, stockbroker and surveyor. You then build up a team and earn income through your team’s skills and status symbols. This allows you to move up the game board to the board room. In order to end the game, someone then needs to become the chairman and hold two successive board meetings.* The winner is the person with the most money at that point.**

The box describes In The Money as “the City of London send-up game”. As someone who’s never worked in the city, I wasn’t too sure about having to pay £1,000 funeral expenses for a team member threatened by a management buy-out rumour (as one chance card required) but the two accountants playing felt that, yes, they might be lured to a rival’s team by the promise of a solar powered calculator.

I can’t remember who we declared as the winner of In The Money – it felt more like an experience that we all got through together.

* None of us achieved this. 

** If you’re thinking that the game doesn’t sound that complicated, please note that I have neglected to mention the treasurer, the governor, market conditions (bull and bear), interest rates, loans, blackmail, fatal stress cards, predictions and the wind of change.

In the Money
Players: 2–6
Ages: Unspecified
Vaguely interesting fact: The companies named on the board are listed in the back of the rules with their contact details. It seems that they are all defunct now though; hard to believe that In The Money didn’t shift enough units to have an impact on business.
Verdict: It took us quite a while to get our head round this game and we realised near the end that we’d been doing a few bits entirely wrong. However, it was actually fun and we vowed to give it another shot some time soon.