Monthly Archives: January 2014

Goats and snakes and mozzies. Oh my!

olive groveI’ve been at the farm for nearly two weeks now and it’s all going pretty well. I’ve only had one day that almost broke me – the morning was spent digging holes around fruit trees. For five hours straight. In the sun. The evening was spent in much the same way.

In other news, last week the farmer’s friend brought five goats to the farm. By 8 o’clock the next morning there was only one goat still bleating and we had goat offal for lunch. I did not enjoy the offal.

I asked the farmer what would become of the remaining goat, hoping (somewhat optimistically) that he might be intended as a pet. Turns out the farmer simply ran out of time to kill him and so he is basically now on death row. Waiting.

On Monday morning I saw my first snake, a brown snake. The farmer sent me back to the farm to get a shovel but the bastard had slithered away by the time I got back. I was surprised and pleased to find that I was relatively unfazed by the experience and was happy to keep working in the same area. Well done me.

In less interesting news, I got bitten to shit by mosquitoes while watering the vegetable plot one evening. Note to self: always use bug spray.

First impressions, kangas and aching everything

human lizard on the farm

My normal line of work is less about weeding and more about sitting in front of a computer and occasionally getting up to make a cup of tea. My first couple of days of farm work have therefore left me with a lot of aches and pains and a strong desire for my 88 days to pass  quickly.

It’s not all bad though: the farmer and his wife are lovely and the surroundings are absolutely beautiful. Yesterday I walked around part of the 100 acre property and the landscape took my breath away.

kangaroo bouncing along near the lake

Every evening a family of kangaroos come into the olive grove and you can see them from the kitchen window. A family of kangaroos. That you can see from the kitchen window. Amazing.

This evening the farmer told me that, “The real work starts tomorrow.” He wants to get an early start so my alarm is set for 6.15am. Hopefully this means we can finish working before the temperature hits the predicted 31°C.

84 days to go.