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Totally awesome board game collection

This evening I was struck by how very fine my board game collection looks these days, so I took a photo of it. This is that very photo:

a rather awesome board game collection piled up in a somewhat hazardous fashion

Quite the selection, I think you’ll agree. I actually have a few more than that but there isn’t space for them up there*. A few of the games were gifts, some were family games, and the rest are from eBay or charity shops – new board games are ridiculously expensive. With space being at a premium, games have to earn their place on the shelf and many, such as  The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Eclipse 1999, have gone straight back to the charity shop after just one go.

I’m always looking out for new games to add to the pile so if you notice anything vital that is missing from my collection, do let me know in the comments. (No need to tell me that I need Settlers of Catan though, I’m well aware of this fact.)

* What you can’t tell from the photograph is that this is very high shelf. The games are actually rather hard to reach and it is just a matter of time until I receive a board game-related head injury**.

** I can’t decide if this would be more or less embarrassing to explain at A&E than the recent alcohol-related head injury that I couldn’t remember getting. I suppose they’d pity me, rather than judging me, which would be something.

Awesome board game collection
Players: Many and varied
Ages: All ages
Vaguely interesting fact: One of the oldest known board games, Senet, was played in Predynastic Egypt circa 3500BC.
Verdict: I need to find more space so that I can house an increasing number of board games.